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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gears of Faith by Gabrielle Harbowy

This is a fantasy featuring Keren, a knight of Iomedae and her partner Zae, a gnome priestess of the clockwork goddess Brigh along with their war dog Appleslayer. 
The two lovers are thrust into a highly dangerous adventure with minimal information.

The story is a coming of age of Keren who struggles to find her relationship with her goddess.  Appleslayer is a war dog and mount for the diminutive Zae.

The author does nice character development with a very tasteful presentation of the relationship between the two main female protagonist.   The beauty of fantasy is that the relationship can be depicted without any of the baggage and outrage of the current political climate.

The plot has magic, gods, goddesses, sword play and violence.  It is a smidge rough around the edges but still a good story.

I recommend.

Web:  https://gabrielleharbowy.com/

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