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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Merciless Reason by Oisin McGann

Nathaniel Wildenstern is the primary protagonist again in this book.   The previous book he took his leave from the family.   This book is the next in the series.  It, too, is an alternative reality steampunk novel set in Victorian England.  

The Wildenstern's are a powerful factor in the British Empire, perhaps the most powerful faction.  They run the North American Trading Company that generates enormous incomes and power for the family.     Nate became discouraged with his family and fled their influence.   In this story he comes back surreptitiously in hopes of curbing the excesses of one of his cousins. 

Keep in mind that this is a family that encourages the assassination of anyone above you in the chain of command to increase your position in the family.   This behavior is actually codified so that all family members know what to expect. 

The engimals, animal machine hybrids play a larger part (some particularly large) in this volume.   The behaviors and mores of the Victorian age play a poignant part in these books.   The world as we know it would not be the same if not for the Robber Barons of old and yet those same tactics or mores today are criminalized and distained. (Wolf of Wallstreet)   That observation is not to suggest that pillaging society for personal gain is a laudable characteristic.   

There seems to be a bit more moral judging in this volume of the Saga.

I recommend the book.

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