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Friday, July 1, 2016

Shadow's Blade by David B. Coe

This is an urban fantasy with "were" and runemysters which are for want of a better definition magic casters.  Coe has developed his own lexicon for the Justin Fearsson Investigations Inc. story line.   Justin, as a magic wielding private eye, is enveloped in a life threatening case by, a heart is not gold, gangster who is not a black arts practitioner.    Justin is tasked to find a missing woman and her children.

Coe has an appealing style that draws you in quickly and then creates characters that are memorable.  One of the aspects of  Justin Fearsson's character is that not only is he ethical, he is far more realistic than most fantasy characters.  Justin is not a "kill them all and let the Lord sort them out" type of hero.   All to often fantasies are populated by characters that have no concern for collateral damage of the lives of marginally bad people.   Coe avoids that and thusly imparts a greater sense of reality in an urban fantasy.

This is a well crafted book and I will be looking for other books in the series as well as any thing else this superlative author has written.

Web Site: http://www.davidbcoe.com/

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