Friday, May 6, 2016

The Skeleth by Matthew Jobin

As I said on my review of Jobin's first book,  The Nethergrim , this is billed as a YA book.  I would suggest the upper end of YA as there is considerable violence and death.  Do not take that as a criticism, merely as a caution that I would not recommend the book for 10 year olds.  

The trio of Katherine, Edmund and Tom return in this book to confront the continuing threat of the Nethergrim, an ancient evil. 

Jobin creates a situation that tests each character and further hones them into laudable young heroes.   There are a lot of adults in the book who illustrate the worse aspects of human nature.  

I particularly liked the way Jobin crafted a solution to the deprivations of the Skeleth which will remain a mystery until you read the book. 

This book shows the quality of the first book was not a fluke as that same high quality continues in this book.   Some of Jobin's lines are crafted so adroitly that they are poetic.  "Evening slipped inside and found itself a welcome guest."  I read that line multiple times and marveled at Jobin's talent.   Well done!

I highly recommend.

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