Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fallout by Harry Turtledove

Atomic bombs have been exchanged.   The world after WWII is much different in this alternate reality.    The world is at war again and it is the war that Douglas McArthur feared, where the USSR and China are fighting the US and it's allies.   This book appears to be a compilation of stories from those who are fighting the war and those who have survived the atomic bombs.

Turtledove provides insight to how those who dropped the bombs feel and how those who have survived the bomb are struggling to exist.  

Tankers, survivors on both sides, pilots and bar keeps all have stories in this book.   That is it's strength and it's weakness.   It reads very disjointed and there are way too many characters to keep a train of thought as to who is doing what.

I love Turtledove's characterizations, the life that he brings to them but this book was a struggle to read.

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