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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Cold Between by Elizabeth Bonesteel

 My initial fear as I started this book was it was a romantic fantasy wrapped in a SciFi pseudonym.   I guess I was unprepared for the exceptional story that was revealed.  Conflicting life styles characterize the story line.   Planet bound corruption is juxtaposed with laissez-faire government and gypsy policing.   The book is people focused with the trappings of a future that is both hopeful and predictable.

The predictable part is that corporate greed and corruption continues after space travel becomes common place.   The interaction between disparate lifestyles with Elena of the Corp and retired PSI captain, Treiko Zajec, is the core of this excellent story.  (I'm finding that trying to type while listening to the outstanding Lizzy Hale on YouTube is providing far more typos that normal, but my typing speed is dramatically increased.)

A inherited mystery of a starships disappearance along with the interpersonal conflict between Elena and Captain Foster is leavened with the sadistic violence of the so-called authorities.  The interpersonal stuff is the root of the story but the trappings of wormholes, starships and corruption provide the hot sauce that jolts this story into the realm of great success.

I really liked this book.

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