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Friday, December 18, 2015

Gentleman Jole and The Red Queen by Lois McMaster Bujold

I just checked my database and this is the 24th book I have read that was written by Bujold.  It was also my least favorite.  This was more like a domestic diary than her former exciting action books.  The Red Queen is Cordelia Vorkosigan of fame in the Miles Vorkosigan books.  Cordelia is winding down and wants to retire.  This book details her feelings on that and her feelings regarding the flexibility of Betan sexual mores.

In fairness the book was interesting but primarily because it showed some larger than life characters from previous books in their twilight years.  The irascible Miles is reduced almost to a character of derision.  The deriding of the flamboyant and creative Admiral Naismith of old was sad.  Overall it was devastatingly bland.  Worth reading if you have read the other books but dismaying at the decline of the characters. 

I guess the aging of action characters is to be expected as Ethan of Athos was published in 1986.  Peter Pan is not alive and well, he has children and is expected to be "normal".   Frankly I enjoyed the books before the characters out-aged me.

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