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Friday, September 25, 2015

Guest Post by : Brick Marlin, Author of Shadow Out of the Sky

Brick Marlin's Shadow Out of the Sky Tour

ShadowOutoftheSkyCover_1200X800About the author: Brick Marlin has been writing since he was a child. From an early age he was exposed to older horror movies. The great ones making their mark in history. He also tackled reading the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Dean Koontz, Charles Dickens, Harper Lee, H.G. Wells, etc. Thus, he decided to engage himself and write horror, dark fantasy and dark sci-fi, scaring readers such as his parents, his friends, neighbors, and even leaving a few school teachers scratching their heads wondering if the boy should be committed or not with his gruesome tales of terror. Short story ideas continued to visit. A book idea or two sometimes stopped by for a sit. In 2007 he decided to take a more professional approach with his work. Hence, as a member of the Horror Writers Association, already having nine books published by small presses – this you hold in your hand, constant reader, makes his tenth – nearly thirty short stories published, adding to the few anthologies and collaborations with other authors, Brick Marlin trudges onward, hoping to achieve more creations, wallowing in the brain pans of his characters, giving them the choice whether to twist the knob and enter through the Red Door, or enter through the Blue Door where a group of servo monkey badgers are consuming packages of cinnamon-flavored Pop Rock Candy with a Kung Fu Punch of caffeine.

          Something in the Air

By Brick Marlin

Far below under the light of the moon sat a dark figure casting not a shadow, or even the reflection in a mirror. Crimson eyes looked down at the restless city. Voices drifted up to the figure’s ears: laughter, weeping, cursing, the blaring of a cars horn, sirens, buses roaring down busy streets.
            Tonight this dark figure has a taste for something different. A delicacy. An unusual need. A request slithered from its taste buds. The hunger for it ravages the walls of its stomach, clawing to be let free.
            The tip of the figure’s tongue moistened its lips.
            In a flash, quicker than the human eye could catch, the figure dropped into a dark alley, crouched down,
            The aroma of the need slammed into him. And, a smile grew under a pointy nose.
            Five feet from the figure a bum snored, wrapped with large pieces of cardboard, unaware of the dark presence standing over him.
            The bum shifted. Smacked his lips. Grumbled a few words. Dove back into his deep slumber. 
            The figure dove into the shadows, tucking himself inside the darkness as a couple strolled along at the end of the alley, hand in hand.
In a blink of an eye they were gone.  
The strong aroma returned, teasing the dark figure’s taste buds. Not wasting another second, the figure’s cat-like reflexes sprung, left the alley, toward what ravaged his hunger.
            Searching, around corners.
            Searching, around buildings.
            Searching, by a church, a store, a hospital, a bank, a hotel, a –
            “Ah, yes…,” the figure whispered.
A man stood on a street corner. His back faced the dark figure. Curls of smoke rose in front of the man’s face.
            Crimson eyes squinted, stared at the man while the sweet aroma became a thick layer in the air, driving the figure’s taste buds to scream.
A small nip is all the figure needed.
            The tip of the figure’s tongue moistened its lips again.
            This dark figure wearing pale flesh around its bones, a large splash of jet black hair atop its head, and a mouthful of razor sharp points materialized stood in front of the man who, now in horror, took a step backward.
            Crimson eyes stared into the eyes of the man.
            “One hot dog please,” the dark figure’s voice rattled. “Easy on the ketchup. Leaves such a nasty after taste and bit of heartburn.”

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