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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soldiers by John Dalmas

This isn't a new book.  It was published in 2001.  Looking at Dalmas birth date, he appears to be 89 years old.   I find that interesting in that his first book that I read was The Yngling that was serialized in Analog magazine in 1969.   I guess as you age, you find other people older than you still kicking around and you have hope that you will be doing the same when you are that old.  

Soldiers depicts an alien invasion of stupendous proportions.   Play close attention in the first few pages to discover how the aliens got to our galaxy.   It is referred to several times during the story but it can be easily missed.

Dalmas takes a contrarian opinion when writing this book.   Most stories see the human race as extremely competitive and very pugnacious.   Dalmas takes a different tact an depicts the human race as having divested itself of negative, war like behavior.   He doesn't state it but the implication of multiple societies on different world provide havens for splinter groups who fail to peacefully integrate into a world wide society.   Gordon Dickson had his splinter group planets too but they weren't quite as peaceful. 

From my perspective this book really promotes the idea that if we have unlimited frontiers we can bleed off the violence of the world.  Let the Sunnis and the Shias each settle their own planet and live their own way.   North Korea on it's own planet sounds really good as they periodically are out of this world anyway.

The book does a lot of searching for solutions to an invasion after losing the innate fighting nature of human beings.   The resolution is satisfying on many levels.

I recommend the book.

Web Site: http://www.johndalmas.com/

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