Friday, January 23, 2015

Tomorrow by Philip Wylie

This is a classic that I read years ago.  It rereads quite well.  The time slot is post WWII and the Red Threat is alive and thriving.   People are reintegrating into a peace time economy.   Civil Defense is big.  I have clear memories of sitting in hall with my class and never wondering what good that would do if their was an nuclear attack.  The tortoise and the hare are aptly illustrated in this tale.

Wylie paints a bleak picture of human nature which sadly was most likely spot on.   Again the tortoise and the hair come to mind.   The woman's movement was a thing in the future and little did Wylie know that his most optimistic fantasies would be surpassed  by both civil rights and technology.

In spite of  the somewhat desperate theme, Wylie still projected optimism.

I recommend the book.

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