Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fathom, Dawn of War Beginnings by Michael Turner

I credit comic books with jump starting my true love of reading.  Growing up, I read incessantly.  My discover of comic books was the nascent love that has permeated my entire life.  No doubt that love is what provided the incentive to write my own books.  I preface this review with these remarks for those of you who distain the graphic novel or comic books.  Do not underestimate the power they have to create the new generation of readers.

The art work was haunting in this book.   Although blue is often seen as soothing, the overuse of blue here set a watery, damp stage for the actors in this play.   Since I have never read any works of Turner before, I don't know how this compares to his other work.  I enjoyed the art, the story was so brief that it left me dissatisfied.   I suspect that is the emotion that is intended to thus drive you to the next edition. 

I subscribed to Analog for decades and would never start the continued stories until I had all the editions and all the parts of the story in my hands.   Then I would read, I'm not a patient reader.  Several long series have lost my readership as I became impatient for the next rendition.  

I was dismayed to discover that Michael Turner passed away at the age of 37 over six years ago.   The loss of such a talent is an obvious loss to his loved ones and a loss to the reading world in general.  My belated condolences to the family.  

The brevity of this work prevents me from being in love with it.  The story was too short to capture me.  The art work was impressive.

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