Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The God Killers by John F. Allen

Ivory Blaque is my favorite kind of female protagonist, takes names and kicks butt!  This novel details a brief period in Ivory's life of an art recovery specialist.   A former art thief, Ivory now walks a reasonably straight path recovering stolen art.   She has some seriously skewed friends and associates, werewolves, vampires and miscellaneous Fae.  

Ivory falls afoul of a secret government agency detailed to keep a lid on paranormals.   If that doesn't complicate the plot enough, she also offends the Vampire lord of the city.  

Allen packs a lot of action and violence in his work.   Ivory does not escape unscathed and has to deal with some major changes in her life.   A former mentor and a pair of paranormal pistols provide additional challenges to Ivory.  

This is Mr. Allen's first novel and I am impressed.  It kept my attention, I got involved in the plot and it was intricate enough to surprise me with some of the twists and turns.   It should be a good starting point for a rousing series.  I look forward to reading more about Ivory Blaque.

I highly recommend it.

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