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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peace Warrior by Steven L. Hawk

Sergeant Grant Justice was the best soldier his commander had ever met.  Sacrificed for a political goal he met a cruel demise or did he?   Centuries later Grant Justice lived up to his name.

An implacable enemy foe invades the peaceable kingdom and stagnation and fear result.  The author carries the political correct movement to a all together too reasonable (or unreasonable) conclusion.   A less than subtle commentary on the down side of the PC movement, the book has a reasonable plot and good execution.   The main protagonist is the stereotypical sergeant that some of us have actually met.  He  embodied the attributes we all want to see in our fighting men.  

The extra large foe was a little too stupid to believe but then complacency is hardly limited to fiction, just read the news. 

A good action/adventure, I hope to read the sequels.

web site:  http://www.stevehawk.com/

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