Monday, January 27, 2014

Rex Regis by L.E. Modesitt, jr

This is a continuation of the Imager Portfolio.   Quaeryt continues to discover that there are normally unforeseen results to every situation.   The war may be over but the battle for peace is just beginning.

Melding self awareness with the humbling recognition that your body, soul and talent are seen as a tool to preserve the status quo provides the mental angst typical of Modesitt’s work.   I still feel that the philosophic aspects of Modesitt's work are wrapped in the trappings of a good novel.   I was asked today if Modesitt is Science Fiction or Fantasy.  I have read his Science Fiction and books such as The Ecolitan Operation, The Ecologic Envoy,  The Elysium Commission and The Eternity Artifact are certainly Science Fiction.   I am comfortable ascribing his Recluse series as Fantasy.  The Imager portfolio is more in the vein of the Recluse series.  I guess Philosophic Military Fantasy is too much of a mouthful.   All I know is that I enjoy reading his work regardless of genre. 

Quaeryt finally makes progress on his own personal goals of increased tolerance for Imagers. 

Modesitt also infuses political commentary and philosophy as part of his story line.   Time Gods World, The Forever Hero and Order Master all illustrate philosophic musings.  There are times where the author seems to pontificate a bit but it always fits the story line. 

The common thread, as I stated in previous Modesitt reviews is the lone soul fighting for self identity in a harsh world.   The aloneness is tempered by a supportive wife and extraordinarily loyal comrades.

I highly recommend.  

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