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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Double Human by James O’Neal

The Human Disguise was the first book in this series.  This too is a cop book set in a near, possible future.  Tom Wilner is a cop trying to maintain order in a dystopian future south Florida.   He is ex-military facing bio-engineered diseases and possible aliens.   His priorities change dramatically when his family is threatened.   In this second book, he continues to try and enforce a radically changed legal landscape.

The Hallecks and Simolits play a smaller part in this book.   The aliens are referred to but don’t really play into the story.   The current events aspect of the book is just as frightening as the first book.   The ramifications of thrusting our values and ideas into foreign cultures and the ensuing violence are altogether too real.  Equally, the ramifications of a collapse of the economy are certainly highlighted by the current self centered egotism on our elected and not very representative officials.  

A near future characterized by an uncaring government and bureaucratic morass doesn’t seem all that unlikely compared to current events today.

Wilner and Besslia are likeable characters, the Hallecks and Simolits are figures of curiosity but hardly likeable.

The book is entertaining a combination of cop book and vigilante justice. 

I recommend the book. 

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