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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nine-Tenths by Meira Pentermann

“Nine-tenths of a second is just long enough for someone to make an irrevocable, unforgivable mistake.”  This book starts with that premise and follows the actions of Leonard Tramer and how he has to live with that nine-tenths of a second.  

The author has taken the wide spread concerns about privacy and postulated a society that might result from a lack thereof.   Leonard Tramer finds himself dealing with unintended consequences of a monumental decision to change his life.   Little does he know how that decision will impact the world around him.

Pentermann paints a grim future of big government and pseudo-parental oversight.  Reminiscent of 1984 or the Brave New World, this book encourages you to look at what freedoms you may be giving up for purported safety.  

The story line is good and the characterization of Leonard shows a traumatized soul seeking redemption.

I recommend the book.

(I just read a review on her site and found that my perspective as unique as I modestly feel it is, might not be so unique.)

Web Site: http://meirapentermann.com/

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