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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Infected by James Schannep

 Current technology has made it possible to return to the “chose your own ending” type of story far more seamlessly than its previous paper medium.  Schannep has written a book that not only allows you to chose your own ending but middle, restart and more.   A zombie apocalypse which you control is the main plot of the book. 

I like the concept of this book.  Not necessarily zombies but the ability to make decisions that impacts the direction of the story.   The book provides a good story but it also is teaching decision making.  The reader can see what action results from the story direction they chose.  

I am, apparently, not a particularly good decision maker in this story.   I seem to make decisions that lead to an immediate and painful death.   The breadth of the book allows the reading of a multitude of short stories.  I guess it is possible that if you make better decisions, the stories won’t be so short. LOL

Good concept, entertaining reading, I think the book will be a hit. 

I recommend the book. 

 Web Site:  http://jamesschannep.com/

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