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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sky Dragons by Todd & Anne McCaffrey

Seldom has my mark of  appreciation been more appropriate.

This is a tale of dragons from Pern, the home of Anne McCaffrey’s dragonesque imagination.    Plague has decimated the dragons of Pern and their riders to the point where there is an insufficient defense against Thread.  This book details how a small band of courageous dragon riders preservers.

I don’t know if I own every book that Anne McCaffrey authored but if I don’t it isn’t for lack of trying.  I am a major dragon fan and some of my all time favorite dragon tales are from Pern.   This book was apparently co-authored with Anne’s son Todd.   It gives a glimmer of hope that the wonderful tales won’t cease with the sad demise of the towering Anne McCaffrey.   The flavor was most definitely Pernese and was totally satisfying.  

The interaction between dragon riders, dragons and folks in general has always been the strength of the Pern books.   Sure the dragons and the exotic setting with the abundant action are a factor but the love and loyalty of the protagonists are the spine of the book.  

I do not remember Mrreows so they may be new.   Much like the dolphins of Pern, I think there could be a story featuring them.

This was an excellent rendition of Pern.
I highly recommend it.

Anne McCaffrey’s talent brought many a happy hour to me and my family, may she rest in skies free of Thread. 

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