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Friday, February 3, 2012

Unclean Spirits by M.L.N. Hanover.

This is book one of the series The Black Sun’s Daughter. This is urban fantasy at its best. Jayne Heller discovers that her favorite uncle is a butt kicking demon chaser.

I read the fourth book, Killing Rites, in the series first. Although that book did quite well is a stand alone I wanted to find out more about Jayne.

The author does an excellent job of making the occult believable. The author doesn't paint a fantasy hero with no flaws instead she paints a young woman thrust into situations that appears to be beyond her means or abilities. In some ways it is a coming of age novel. Jayne discovers things about herself and her abilities she never suspected.

The disparity between good and evil is shown to be shades of gray rather than the black and white as it is normally portrayed. The decisions Jayne must make places a major factor in developing her character. This was well done.

The cast of characters is both colorful and varied. The supporting roles are not developed with as much depth as Jayne's character is. The book describes Jayne's struggle to discover both her legacy and heritage from her mysterious uncle Eric.

I really enjoyed the book and highly recommend.

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