Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cobra Alliance by Timothy Zahn; Book 3 of the Cobra War Series

Once again the augmented human warriors called Cobras are thrust into the fray. This book details the defense of their home worlds, “gifted” to them due to humanities inability to live comfortably with these formidable warriors.

I loved the first Cobra trilogy and this is a logical continuation after a long and impatiently waiting hiatus. Cobra’s are just too cool for words. What is most fascinating to me is that from the first book Cobra, published in 1985, until now the strides made in real military technology make the Cobra far more realistic than they were in 1985. Nanotechnology has progressed dramatically since 1985. Therefore the plausibility factor has increased dramatically.

The book has the typical plot twists and actions that Mr. Zahn is known for and I love every breath taking moment. If you were in an interplanetary war you would definitely want the Cobras on your side.

I highly recommend the book.

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