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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tourniquet by Richard D. Monson

This book was written like a journal.  It details the last days of Israel and ties that with the USA’s border issues with Mexico.

A one sentence description of this book is difficult.    A far seeing future president strives to alleviate the border issues with Mexico with a pro-active program.   He establishes a tourniquet just south of the USA/Mexican border.  This tourniquet is designed to stop the flow of people, drugs and misery.   It is an ambitious program that can only be funded by reducing foreign aid across the globe.  

It ties to Israel due to a Mexican terrorist for hire and his role in the Middle East.   It ties together much better than it sounds.   Monson writes in an interesting manner.  I liked the book but found it a choppy kind of read.   It doesn’t flow but it maintains your interest. 

For an look at an innovative approach to the immigration issue and the potential for increased violence in the Middle East, this is a very interesting read. 

I recommend the book.

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