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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Staff of Rahgorra by Mark Oetjens

Visions of Star Wars danced in my head as I read this book. A galactic thug seeks a holy relic to control the known universe. A complicated anti-hero strives to thwart him through the use of mystical force.

I struggled to stay interested in this book. Not that it was bad but it seemed too familiar. I am guessing that the premise was my problem. It may be insignificant to most readers. I enjoyed Cam and his pragmatic attitude which sadly is more realistic than the normal heroic figure. Thull was an amazingly compassionate villain. Vile but with a sense of family and friendship, he was either a horrendous villain or a galactic savior. Give this book a chance, I don’t think I was able to do it justice.

In reading the author’s blog, I discovered that he has had the Star Wars comparison made in the past. I try not to read the author’s blog prior to writing my own take. I do not believe there was any attempt at Star Wars fan writing or plagiarism and I support the author’s premise that it is a 100% original work. It is tough writing and as authors we are all going to be impacted by what we have read and experienced. So I am going to change my recommendation to strongly as opposed to just recommend as I think my experience may have colored me with a bit of negativity in reading the book.

I highly recommend it.

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