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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Play Dead By Ryan Brown

My first reaction to this book was, oh brother another zombie story. You can’t swing a dead body around without hitting a zombie or vampire book. To my surprise I enjoyed the book. This would be an entertaining Friday Night Lights book exhibiting the gritty competitive football played in rural Texas without the zombies. With the Zombies this is an Urban Fantasy.
For those of you who grew up in a more suburban atmosphere, you will have difficultly believing the depths of passion exhibited by small, working class town football fans. Growing up in an environment where the number of injuries you inflicted on the opposing football team was nearly as important as wining the game, I had no trouble accepting the mindless passion the football fans in this book showed. Cole Logan is the hard nosed, wrong side of the track, trailer trash that sees football as his ticket out of not only his home town but his miserable life. Little does he know that his life hardships are only going to become worse throughout the book.

In my opinion, I think Ryan Brown should have skipped the whole zombie aspect of the book and he would have had a major hit. Being a serious fantasy fan, I can suspend my disbelief and enjoy a story regardless of any preposterous situations. Many people are not able to overcome their innate reluctance to believe anything that isn’t clearly black and white. I tried discussing this book with several of my peers, only to discover that the minute I mentioned zombies, their brains shut down. They wouldn’t even consider reading a book that even alluded to zombies. I realize my peers (old folk or at least older folk) are not the target market of this book but Brown’s writing skills are certainly capable of penning a book that would appeal to a wider audience. This isn’t saying I disliked the book but that it will have limited appeal beyond the younger readers.

I recommend the book.

I recommend the book.

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