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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Summoned King by Dave Neuendorf

This is a easily read young adult novel.   The story resonates with AConnecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court but, and a big but, this story should appeal to the young adult reader.  Jim Young is catapulted into a medieval style of world that is in need of a new king.   He brings with him the idealism and enthusiasm of the teen he is.

Neuendorf crafts a good group of characters that are likeable and possibly characters that teens may identify with.   Note I said may because having been a school counselor of teens I doubt anyone can unequivocally nail down what teens are feeling.   I think the author provided a  character that has the foibles expected of a teen but also provides a character that has laudable goals and who lands on his feet under extenuating circumstances.  

Christianity is brought up as a factor in Jim's identity but there is no proselytization involved.

I recommend the book and look forward to the sequel.

Web Site: http://www.daveneuendorf.com/?author=1
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