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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Temptation of Elminster by Ed Greenwood


Mystra, Elminster's personal lover and god has made him her chosen and sent him on another quest.  Mystra is trying to spread magic and I assume assuage her own personal power but that is not explicitly obvious.   A wealth of disjointed characters are introduced in this volume.

Disjointed is the operative word in this book.  It is almost a collection of vignettes on magic it's benefits and abuses.  Character after character is introduced, most of deplorable personal mores.  

I still like the Elminster persona as abused as he is by his goddess lover but this book was a struggle to read.   Admittedly the last few pages ties all of the apparently disconnected pieces together but the lack of continuity provided a lot of literary frustration.

I have one more of the series to read and only can hope it is better than this one.   

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