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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Crystal Mountain by J. Gregory Smith

This book is Greg's first foray into the young adult genre.  It is a fantasy set predominantly on an island kingdom with a benign ruler.   The island is dominated by a crystal mountain home of mystery.   The plot is a reign change from the king to his youngest son.   This causes some issues with the oldest son who expected to be the ruler.

Greg Smith did a masterful job on his first fantasy.  He created likable characters and his dialogue ran true.   His depiction of sibling rivalry and jealousy seemed very believable.  

The Crystal Mountain's entities provide a mystery that may be explored in further books.  I did think that the changes that Erik (older brother) went through may have been orchestrated by the mountain to precipitate the Capagian invasion and to eventually help deal with it.  Of course this falls under reader interpretation which may or may not be what the author intended. 

Overall the quality of the book should not be surprising as it is merely a gifted author dipping his toes into the pool of a different genre. 

I highly recommend the book. 

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