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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pirates Alley by Suzanne Johnson

This is the next book in a urban fantasy coming of age of a young wizard.   It is set in post-Katrina New Orleans where boundaries have thinned between here and the beyond providing New Orleans with undead, vampires, fairies, shape shifters and historic undead.  

DJ, Drusilla Jaco, is a Green Congress wizard with a shape shifter boyfriend.  In this volume of the series, DJ, once again, runs afoul of the Wizard Elders.  She also alienates the vampires, some of the Elves, her boyfriend, her best friend and some undead.

DJ discovers some unknown family members and is questioning whether she should be a Sentinel of New Orleans.

Johnson writes a great story with lots of action and interesting characters.  Johnson has a great imagination and has crafted a “believable” paranormal environment.   In spite of some of the romantic overtones, I really like her books.

I recommend the book and the series.

Web sites:        http://www.suzanne-johnson.com/

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