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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Clash of Eagles by Alan Smale

I enjoy alternate history.  This is the invasion of the Midwest of the United States by a Roman Legion. 

Gaius Publius Marcellinus is the protagonist.  He is the tribune of the legion.   The book details his experience in invading the Midwest from a Chesapeake Bay landing.   His opinion of the American Indian is very low since they use gurillea warfare tactics and refuse to fight pitched battles.  

The legion runs into the Mississippian civilization of mound builders that is characterized by the author as the Cahokians.   The mound builders are a historic mystery as they left little behind besides their mounds.   The author builds on their mounds, add his own twist with bird clans and Roman innovations.

Smale did a great job with this book.  You are in the mind of Gaius and suffer with him through his losses and successes.  The story builds on real historic perspectives but the author leavens these with his own twists.

I highly recommend the book.

Site:  http://www.alansmale.com/clashofeagles/

This book may have been received free of charge from a publisher or a publicist. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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