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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Revelations by J. A. Souders

This is a young adult novel featuring mild romance and confusing mystery.   This is volume two of the Elysium Chronicles which is mild SciFi as it appears to be a post apocalypse book.   

I guess the confusing part is due to the  lack of a back story.   Evie has amnesia and thus she can’t remeber her past, sadly that lack of memory is also the reader’s problem as well.  More back story would have allowed greater enjoyment  of the book for those of us who have not read the previous volume. 

There is the requisite underground mysterious bunker as well as genetically modified creatures.  The friction between Gavin and Asher predates their attraction to Evie.   Again, more back story would have helped.

This book does not stand alone well.  As part of a series it is OK assuming you read the previous volume.  The concept and style are fine but the inability for the  book to stand alone made it difficult for me to enjoy.

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