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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Rising Thunder by David Weber

This is number thirteen of the Honor series.  Honor Harrington plays a bit part in the continuing saga of Manticore.   Haven and Manticore, Mesa and the Solarian League are all back.    That makes is sound very similar to volume 12.   The cast of characters is pretty much the same.  

The book pretty much characterizes an entrenched bureaucratic morass that is oblivious to anything beyond their personal control.   The Mandarins are the true rulers of the Solarian League with an oblivious blind spot to anyone with honor or ethics.  Profit and power are the meat and potatoes of the Mandarins every thing else is non-existent.

Once again, the loyalty, emotion and strength of the good guys are what makes these books such and enjoyable read.  The action is just icing on the cake.

As I mentioned regarding the last book,  Mission of Honor, It is possible that Weber has always been this wordy.   I found myself powering through some chapters as the details became tedious.   I am still a fan and still enjoy the Manticore saga but the bloom may be off the rose.  Considering that this was released early in  2013 I can't move to the next one yet but as a die hard, I am sure I will order volume 14 when it is available.

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