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Monday, September 29, 2014

Gritty Kitty Half Past Curfew by Dan Taylor

A dystopian future characterized by intense urban sprawl is the setting for Gritty Kitty.
Kitty Kane, the daughter of a megalopolis police chief, runs contraband with a Robin Hood mentality.

Gritty Kitty has a lot of potential.   The story setting is colorful and memorable.   Taylor enables you to feel the filth and darkness with his excellent descriptions.   Kitty Kane is a stalwart teen who has a conscience.   She is not content to reap the benefits of her father's position and remain an indolent teen.  

The story, is so brief that it is hard to really identify with any of the characters.   There is substantial potential here for a good novel or a series of short stories.  I enjoyed it.

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