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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Initiate’s Trial by Janny Wurts

Curse of the Mistwraith(Wars of Light& Shadow#1), Ships of Merior (Wars of Light& Shadow#2) and Warhost of Vastmark (Wars of Light& Shadow#3) hooked me on Janny Wurts.  This is volume nine and I have missed some in between.  It is a typical Wurts, a richly detailed plot with superb character development.

One of the difficulties in reviewing or in my case recommending books is that often get a book that is out of synch with the order in which they were published.   I really don’t like reading books out of order.  No matter how much the author tries it is difficult to not have veiled references to a previous book when it is a long series.   As a matter of fact, I normally love that when I have read the books in order.   It provides a sense of continuity that I like.  I would like to have seen a little more back story.
This book may be a bit florid for many readers.  Waxing eloquently can be beautiful but a bit less prose might have increased the readability of the book.   Overall I liked it and it does work as a stand alone albeit a bit confusing without the full backstory.

I recommend the book.

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