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Friday, February 8, 2013

Guns of Seneca 6 by Bernard Schaffer

This is a cowboys and aliens novel.  Space ships and six guns sounds simplistic but as in all compelling books, the characters are what makes a book fly off the shelf.   Stern justice is served up in this sweat, leather, courage and tech novel.

Jem Clayton is the anti-hero of this book.   He is a lonely soul who wanders the desert of Seneca working to keep death from those he loves.  Seneca is a gritty world where hard scrabble miners struggle to eke out a living digging out some obscure mineral that appears to be valuable due to it’s scarcity.

The is violence, action and vigilante justice in major doses in this western style scifi adventure.   Evil is pretty darn despicable and the protagonists lean more to vengeance than justice.   A simplistic look at confrontation that takes nothing away from how enjoyable a book it was to read.  

There is a Doc Holiday clone, a Matt Dillion or maybe it was Chester, a Miss Kitty as the town Doc, pretty much a cast of characters you can recognize and enjoy.  A brutal but entertaining book.    

I recommend it.

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