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Monday, November 12, 2012

Culpa Innata by B. Barmanbek

This story is set in a future where the planet is dominated by the World Union.   The World Union was created to stabilize the planet after a devastating global depression.   Brave New World came to mind when reading the book.   Phoenix a new, young global police force agent is assigned a murder that is well beyond her experience.  What she uncovers may be the most potent threat to the World Union since it’s inception.

I saw part of this story as a coming of age for Phoenix.   Although very bright and loaded with talent she is unable to perceive her own abilities and strengths.   Her lack of self esteem is her biggest road block to success.

The World Union does not read like a fun place to live.   The author takes aberrant aspects of society and promotes them far beyond their Peter Principle.   The germs of origin make them recognizable but just barely.

This is a thought provoking book, more thought provoking than enjoyable for me.   I had trouble getting into it and difficulty staying with it. 
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