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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kop Killer by Warren Hammond

This book continues the story of Juno, a down on his luck ex-cop I met in Ex-Kop.   Once again the book brings new meaning to gritty.  Juno continues to struggles with his identity.  This planet epitomizes an amoral environment. 

Maggie, Juno’s Ying to his Yang, is forced to evaluate her moral stance regarding Juno’s actions.  This soul searching takes it’s toll on both characters.  Hammond has a rich imagination and carries some less savory current aspects of society to a logical progression to infamy.  In many ways the book makes you uncomfortable.   That, in no way, detracts from the story line.  In fact making you squirm seems to be a goal of Hammonds and he does it well. 

Old testament justice is an acceptable solution to many of Juno’s problems but he delves it out with less relish and more introspection than in the previous book.   This story concludes well but I hope there is a follow up book. 

I recommend it.

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