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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Olympus Union: The Past Repeated by Gary Bloom

A world on the path of self destruction is united into a union of dissimilar sections.   Current national boundaries are rewritten and dissent is smothered all for the benefit of mankind or those who end up as the governing lords.

The most memorable character in the book is the black eyed mercenary.   He demonstrates a self confident arrogance that successfully conquers all efforts to thwart his goal of rescuing an unassuming prisoner in a penal orbital prison.  

The book clearly shows that unification may have laudable goals but the implementation of those goals may swamp all of the well meaning impetus.  Gary Bloom creates a dysfunctional world with the same fragilities as the time worn existence it is trying to replace.

All is not easy in the new utopia and dissent is hidden behind facades of power.    This is a dystopian disaster brewing with multiple sequels.  Gary brings a fresh new voice to the scifi arena.  

Body of work of Gary Bloom

Web Site: http://www.olympusunion.com/

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