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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crown of Vengeance by Stephen Zimmer

This book is an epic tale of morality and courage. An unlikely assortment of contemporary characters finds themselves in an alternate world immersed in monumental, sword wielding conflict.

The Unifier plans to unify the known world for the benefit of its inhabitants. That is his story and he is sticking with it. He is handsome, muscular, charismatic and dedicated, unbeknownst to his minions, to evil.

The motley cast from our world is thrust into a situation that strains their credibility and their sanity. Each one adapts to the new environment in their own way. Zimmer’s use of prose paints a clear and rich world but his characters are not memorable. The tapestry of the world and the story line are second to the individuals that populate this alternate world. I suspect each reader will be able to find a character they can identify with in this varied crew.

I found the description of the Unifier’s marching army extraordinary. Zimmer does a wonderful job in painting a full and very detailed panorama.

This is the first book in a series and details the beginnings of a cataclysmic clash between good and evil.

I recommend it.

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