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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Captain Bonny Morgan, The Cassandra Prophesy by Robert “Doc” Gowdy.

I expected more and I got less. This should be billed as erotic scifi. The plot was ok but there was way too much effort spent on titillating. (pun intended). I think it would be a better book with more plot and character development and less sex. If it was billed as an erotic novel I would have probably liked it better but when I expect a rousing space opera and instead just get arousing erotica, I am disappointed.
Captain Morgan was a butt kicking female and I like that type of characterization. The butt kicking could have been done without the intense descriptive account of her lack of attire. I just felt that detracted from the story.

I did like the cover art.

I recommend the book if you are into erotic scifi.

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