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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Syndicate's Pawns by Davila LeBlanc

This book picks up where Syndicates Pawn left off.   Jinxed Thirteenth, the Covenant starship, is repairing damages from the rogue AI in the previous book.   They can not get to slipdrive which is their faster than light travel until they make repairs.   They are lacking a part and send out a distress call.   The distress call is intercepted and put out as an invitation on their version of the dark web.   An offer of help soon proves to be no help at all. 

The book shows discrimination due to differing races and intelligences.  The author shows how prejudices can be overcome by unexpected actions and behaviors.   I like the way it was done.   The diverse crew of the Jinxed brings new meaning to diversity and the villains add too that mix.

The plot was good and they characters were interesting.  I found the second volume better than the first and I hope to see more from this author.

I recommend.

web: http://www.davilathewhite.com/

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