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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Three Days in April by Edward Ashton

This story occurs in a relatively close future.  Nanotechnology is booming and people are using both nanotech and biological modification to "improve" them selves.   The destruction of a town is the first shot in a revolution but who is revolting.

There is friction between the altered and unaltered.  The altered are those who have used technology to improve themselves.   Whether a "pretty" which is enhancement for beauty or a "gear head"  which is more literal in this interpretation than normal gear head definitions.

There is a strong hacker overtone to the book as well as the rebellious nature of the unknown enemy.   This book address the question of viability of AI  with the same reservations found in the book, Zeroes.

The character interaction feels real with smarmy comments and smart ass remarks.  Ashton does a very good job capturing the personalities of his characters. 

There is action, hacking, bio-mods, a dark government agency and even some mysticism, in other words, something for everyone.  Oh and you get a new appreciation of crowbars.

I really liked the book.

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