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Friday, August 1, 2014

Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill

This is a difficult book to categorize.   Cargill introduces the main characters at an early age and then jumps to later years without warning.  In some ways this is a fable or maybe even a parable but in others it is a treatise on the occult.  The destiny of two children and some long term payback might be the best description.

Kaycee is a lost little girl living through her dreams and Colby Stevens is an equally lost young man fighting to be a good person.   This is apparently the second book Colby Stevens is the main protagonist.  There is a minimum of back story on the first book.   I would have liked more back story only because the initial few chapters of the book are somewhat confusing.

Cargill does a good job depicting despair and frustration.   Equally I found my emotions tweaked when he takes note of the unstinting love of a golden retriever.   Revenge plays a huge part in this book but not always in the way the reader anticipates.  The plot is a bit of a shell game where you wonder exactly which shell hides the pea.

I enjoyed the book.

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