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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Dragon Society by Lawrence Watt-Evans

This is book two of the Obsidian Chronicles.   It starts with a bang and keeps moving at a fast pace.   Arilian, now known as Lord Obsidian continues his quest of vengeance.  He discovers that passion and revenge are not necessarily what he really seeks.

Arlian seems to develop a more mature conscience in this book.   He also turns some friends into enemies and some enemies into friends.  The interpersonal relationships have a duplicity or perhaps complexity that provides a thought provoking assessment of Dragonhearts. 

There is plenty of action and violence with a great deal of soul searching.  

I look forward to reading the final volume in the trilogy.

I recommend it.

web site:  http://www.watt-evans.com/

Dragon Weather review of book one. 

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