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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shadow Gate by Kate Elliott

Following Spirit Gate, this book continues where the last finished.   In this volume we have flying horses, horrific behavior and a twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel.  Flying eagles instead of dragons, the Reeves are expected to keep an eye on the Hundred.   The Guardians who were judge and executioner have disappeared leaving the Reeves to handle it all.   Tumult is spreading across the Hundred and the Reeves and their eagles appear to be helpless to stop it but perhaps some Guardians haven't turned to the Dark
Side. (alas a child of Star Wars)

Joss finds his grief shaken by the appearance of one thought long dead.  He grabs himself by the boot straps and pulls himself out of his self pity and becomes a leader.

 Captain Anji and Mai figure prominently in this volume.  The Captain's unshakeable confidence and Mai's subtle but almost overweening business acumen get  his Qin started on the path of stability in the Hundreds where their skill in arms is deeply needed.

Once again greed and avarice have an impact on the fate of the characters with some new colorful magic splashing forth. 

An excellent middle volume for a captivating trilogy. 

I recommend the book. 

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