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Friday, February 28, 2014

Reclamation by Jackie Gamber

This is the sequel and closing volume to Redheart  and Sela, Jackie’s first and second books in the Leland Dragon Trilogy. 

Reclamation wraps up the story and ties all of the characters together.  Dragons, humans and Murkers work to heal the land while Fordon Blackclaw continues to destroy the magic. 

Old characters morph into new likeable characters.  Old hatreds morph into healing.  "Heal the land and heal the rift" and "Heal the rift and heal the land" is the theme of this final book in the trilogy.

Gamber shows that holding prejudice and hatred is a sure path to demoralization and defeat.   Difference is appearance and even species is shown not to be a hindrance to friendship and cooperation. 

Desert dragons and mountain dragons, good dragons and bad dragons, the books are infested with dragons.   That is one of the reasons I loved them.  

Gamber has created loveable and despicable characters.   She imbues them with real feelings, emotions and frustrations.   Jackie Gamber brings alive dragons and adventure with colorful, involved storytelling.   Once again, the warm characters and very believable emotions produce a book that will be remembered and cherished.

I highly recommend the book.

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