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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The High King Of Montival by S. M. Stirling

This book is set in a post Apocalyptic world where technology has been truncated by some unknown source.  This story focuses on the children of the initial survivors featured in the Dies the Fire, the first three books.  This book is the 4th of seven in the second series set in this world.   Rudi and Mathilda are the featured characters in this volume. 

Rudi  and Mathilda, the heirs to the Mackenzie lands and the Association territory are returning from Nantucket in this book.   They pick up allies on the way and face more of the treacherous "Cutters".   The idiosyncrasies established in the preceding books continue.    One of the ways they author keep each volume readable as a stand alone is how he has the characters fill in the back story when they acquire new allies.  

An interesting factor is the demonstration of fracturing society into schismatic ethnic and fantasy groups.  Fiction and religious tracts seem to carry the same weight with resulting  societal implications.  Stirling does an admirable job creating likeable characters with believable foibles. 

I highly recommend the series.

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