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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Virtual Blue by R.J. Sullivan

A RPG gets out of control when female supremacist try and bring their demoness into the real world.

Fiona is a woman who is tired of dealing with her fears.  Her decision to rid herself of her boyfriend ends in her being involved in a computer generated nightmare.

Sullivan does a good job in portraying the nerds.  There is, perhaps, a bit of emulation in my look at the story.   I have avoided role playing games on the computer as I am a bit fearful that I could apply my normal obsessive personality to gaming and disappear into the ether.  However having been deeply involved in the first cyber-cafe in Pennsylvania I have seen how immersed gamers can become.   Contrary to many "authorities" I believe that role playing can be a very positive catharsis and can help kids and adults deal with things they may have no control over in the real world.  

Sullivan uses the game aspect as a tool in crafting this story.   I plan on reading the prequel to this story to see how and what Chip and Blue became who they are.   The story is a fun read and there can be more extrapolated from the story if you want to ponder its implications.

I recommend the book.

Web Site: http://rjsullivanfiction.com/virtual-blue/

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