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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The King of the Fels by Cathy Benedetto

 This is the final book in the trilogy.  As an avid fan of anthropomorphism, I enjoyed the communication with the Fels (cats of all types) in all three of these books.   The Shala are the guardians of Sandala and the Fels are their companion warriors.  In this final book, we get many questions answered.  Ms. Benedetto does a nice wrap up.

Tahjeen comes to maturity in this book and we find out what destiny has in store for he and his human bride, Ariann.  

There are a couple of good surprises in the last book that really ties the three books tightly.   Do read all three, they are well worth your effort.

I enjoyed all the books and I recommend this one specifically as well.

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