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Friday, March 30, 2012

Virtual Virgin by Carole Nelson Douglas

Paranormal investigator Delilah Street deals with a variety of paranormal critters such as demons, doppelgangers, vampires and zombies in a Las Vegas liberated by a paranormal revolution.

A wealth of paranormal or urban fantasy books has inundated the book market. I suppose the whole vampire craze may have triggered it but regardless of the trigger, the books are popping up everywhere.

This book suffers somewhat as Delilah has a back story that never gets a satisfactory explanation. The profusion of characters and their exotic nature is almost overwhelming. There is such a wealth of color and lights that you almost feel like you are in Vegas.

I was not able to get into this book in spite of all the whiz bang that populated it. I had assumed I would enjoy it and I did not. I suspect that if I had read the preceding Delilah Street books I might have felt more in touch with this one. As with many sequels, I think the Delilah Street fans will be happy with the book.

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