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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Disappointing First Look At The Color Nook

I have an eReader from Augen.  It cost $89.00 at Kmart.   It is a bit quirky regarding some downloads but for the most part it works as an eReader. There is no, make that NO technical support from Augen.   It does have a color screen that is NOT touch.  I have loaded in some family photos and music.   I can read and listen to music.   I can surf the web at speeds akin to my old 56k modem.   It is not a great eReader but it was cheap.

After much research I decided that the Nook was worth looking at.   It has a color touch screen, supports Flash and WIFI surfing. From my reading it seemed like it is a thinly disguised iPad want-to-be.   The price compared to any other name brand tablet is ridiculously cheap, $249.00.  

I have had a craving for a tablet ever since my dearly beloved sister’s two week visit and her insidious purchase of an iPad2.   I don’t need any kind of tablet, I have an adequate eReader,  a working laptop and desktop so I really don’t NEED anyone’s tablet. However there is no explaining lust and I sadly am in a stage of tablet lust.   

Recently today I went to Staples to look at the Nook.   It was somewhat akin to the prince discovering Cinderella was really the ugliest of the step sisters.   Now I will offer the caveat that it was the Staples display model.   This caveat will allow Barnes and Noble the opportunity to claim that the display model was defective and truly it may have been.  If after waving my arms and kneeling in subservience I had gotten someone from Staples to come over and talk with me, I may have discovered that the display Nook was not representative of a fresh, out of the box Nook.   Since none of the aforementioned behavior was able to attract a Staples sales consultant, I really don’t know if my evaluation of the Nook is accurate. 

It seemed a tad heavy but solid feeling.   The touch screen was more like a jab screen.  It certainly didn’t have as sensitive touch as my beloved Droid X. It was slowwwwwwww.   Trying to move from screen to screen was dreadfully slow.   Again, no comparisons to the Droid X which is just a phone.   Who knows how surfing
would be as the browser said the settings were wrong for wireless and the unit would not allow entry to the settings to check them for the wireless connection?  The single story I got to load was a cute little color picture book featuring an elephant.   The story paged well after it loaded and really that is crucial in an eReader.

Overall my sampling of the Nook left my tablet lust feeling as if a bucket of ice cold logic had been dumped on me. 

 I really wanted to like it so I could convince myself to buy it.
Comparing it to the Augen at $89.00 and zero tech support, I have to feel a little better about my Augen.   Be careful what you read!  I have read many kudos for the Nook but my personal experience has been less than stellar.  

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