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Friday, December 10, 2010

Kildar by John Ringo

I feel better now, Ringo is back in form. I did not like the first book in this series, Ghost, a great deal. It spent too much time on erotica and not enough on Ringo’s forte which I feel is action adventure. This book takes Mike Harmon/Jenkins/Duncan to Gerogia, the one near Russia not the USA. He buys a farm and discovers he is now the Kildar (baron) complete with warriors and serfs.

Ringo’s books are always interesting. I found his search for historic precedents in his farm tenants very interesting. He spends some time warring with his internal dichotomy which causes him some but not a lot of angst. In this series, Ringo is dealing with reasonably current events. His primary enemies are still the Islamic extremists but he is more focused on Chechens in this book. He provides a realistic look at the difficulties the former Soviet provinces faced after independence. All in all, this book was far superior to Ghost.

I recommend this book.

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